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The Ghioug River

22 Jul

Kathy always thought she was the forest floor without the movement.

Birds and various other creatures would scratch and pick at her skin but never really knew her intimately.
Kathy often wished a foal would desecrate her, anything that gave way to a moment between her and a living creature – a warm, loving moment between her and something real.
Hidden from the outside world underneath a blanket of damp muddy leaves Kathy longed for the light and warmth.
Time and time again Kathy was left wanting as chimps descended from the canopy only to relieve themselves in the Ghioug river.
Creatures of all sizes gathered at its stern bank to trade and groom. She watched from harmless distances as they washed in its consuming waters.

Oh how she dreamt of being the river. The mighty Ghioug river!



22 Jul

It’d been a terrible day.
George had hit on her again, this time in the staff kitchen.
She thought about Grima, the one man in her office she did fancy.
He had a broad chest which forced his shirt to strain at the buttons.
She imagined ripping the shirt open.
She didn’t give a damn about the buttons.
She wanted him to violently throw her onto his desk and suck selfishly at her breasts.
Her lip slid slowly from under her teeth.
Passengers opposite were staring.

I can’t sleep with you here

15 Jul

We clunk teeth together in the night because we’re drunk.

Morning Tea Conversation

10 Jun

“Hi Jen!” Belinda almost yelled.
“Oh, hi Belinda” Jen said burying her head into her shoulder.
“Have you seen this weekends weather?” Belinda continued, almost wetting herself with excitement.
“No, I haven’t” Jen replied, this time with an even more uninterested tone.
Belinda didn’t notice. She placed the tea towel into the mug and began swirling it around.
“Well, it’s going o be 15 and sunny!” Belinda continued looking up at an invisible sun.
‘Wow’ thought Jen. Another exciting weekend for Belinda and her bland husband.
She wondered what excitement they’d get up to this weekend? Another farmer’s market? A drive to the coast? Maybe even a picture show?
“Robert and I are going to the country to stay with his brother Gary.” said Belinda, breaking Jen’s train of thought.

“You know what I’m doing?” Jen quickly snapped.
She had had enough.

“I’m going to wait for my man Luke on the bench in the kitchen. I’ll hoist my skirt to my waist and place my legs on the table. When he enters the room I’ll take to my vagina with a knife and scream ‘why do you hate it?’ ”

There was silence in the small office kitchen.

Belinda stood still.
Her face dropped.
She leaned close to Jen and whispered “So you’ve seen our video?”