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21 Jul

It sits alone in a pool of salty grease.
It looks good, real good.
I watch her hands fold and gesture as she speaks.
What would she do if I picked it up with my hands?
Would she think me uncouth?

She studies it, looks back at me, and bites her nail.
I pour another glass of water.
She begins talking about work.
She’s stalling.

Placing both elbows on the table, I lean over it; guarding it.
“Can you please get some more water?” she asks.
I peer at her suspiciously.
Hesitantly swinging around, I gesture the waiter.

Turning back; she’s smiling, blinking slowly.
Like a cat in sunlight, she looks warm and content.
“I love you” she says sliding down into her seat.
“I love ……”
The plates empty.
“It was good” she says.