Herald Sun Wedding

20 Jul

A week’s stay at the Royal Woman’s hospital changed Tina’s life forever.
After being date raped by a former partner and admitted into emergency, it was Nurse Wade Douglas who looked after her.

“She was smitten right from the start.” explained bridesmaid Jenny.
Tina looked stunning in her black wedding dress with matching Jim Beam purse.
Wade was not to be outdone in his tailored muster uniform and Bunderburg cufflinks.
“We had to get ‘em specially made mate.” boasted Wade, “It took us 3 hours of searching ‘round Highpoint to finally realise they weren’t an off the shelf number!”

Tina’s father Jimmy was as proud as punch.
“I finally reckon she’s gotta good. Wades a great bloke, really down to earth and he cooks a mean curry” explained Jimmy to confused onlookers.

Wade’s father Craig was equally as proud and showed it by driving Tina to the Reservoir chapel in his restored 1991 Holden Clubsport.

The couple plan to spend their two week honeymoon in Bangkok if Wade’s drug eviction can be overturned in time.


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